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world trade materials alluminiumWTM World Trade Materials the company sells aluminium products in many countries around the world.

As well for the company "Foshan Shundae Hongdae Industrial Co. Ltd.", in Guangdong, China, which sells all kinds of ACP aluminium products described in the table. The company is one of the biggest companies in the world for the processing of aluminium composite coated and treated.




pannelli in alluminio compositoCombines 2 important factors:
- The search for technologically of advanced equipment of production, and
- Testing and research into technologies which could achieve high resistance to climate changes and finishes with pleasing visual effects and weather-resistance for a long time.

The differences of our products than our competitors have, is, that we have achieved a great experience and professionalism of roller coating directly on the aluminium coils. This is an advanced technique in the field of aluminium enclosure that allows to obtain high quality finished products at a lower cost. The diversity of images and colors make our products very beautiful and elegant. Make special designs and shapes such as forests, rivers, sky, earth and many other images that our costumers may ask. This system is widely used for reproduction for marble and wood in the most diverse representations from the natural.

With our excellent quality and competitive price, this products will be in great demand in coming years.

The strong production capacity available to the company "Foshan Shundae Hongdae Industrial Co. Ltd." depends on the structure of production, uses 3 production lines for aluminium coils with roller, 2 production lines of Honeycomb Panel and 1 of the composite panel production line with ACP FR protection fireproof.
The latest addition is the composite panel production line and finished with the wood-grain finish of marble. All this has been developed and designed by the research laboratory of internal company.

pannelli in alluminio composito